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Improving Dental Practice

Starting Out My first goal when working with clients is to improve their dental practice. This includes team unity, work/life balance, and increases in production. One of my early clients was in a small Midwestern town nestled among a small highway and many...

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Techniques to Enhance Digital Image Quality

Want to see better image quality? Consider adjustments needed in timing/impulses required to adapt to patient size and ethnicity; as well as, the area of interest. Understand your choice between 60 and 70 kVp when installing the dental x-ray unit or during the...

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Digital Imaging Sensor Care

Your digital x-ray sensor is an expensive piece of equipment! Without a working sensor, the dental practitioner loses the ability to properly diagnose dental disease. Consider the following to extent the longevity of your sensor: Check with the manufacturer for...

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During the COVID19 and post pandemic era, what makes your office stand out from the others? Have you entertained the thought of servicing and connecting with patients who are concerned about leaving the safety of their homes and coming to your office? Has there been...

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Welcome to Holland

We live in a world of uncertainty, there is no question about that. It feels different than it did 11 weeks ago when it was all “normal” and we had plans. Plans for that wonderful spring vacation, plans for the year for your practice, lots of plans. Then COVID19...

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Build Patient Acceptance

Put these four keys into your practice to build patient acceptance The dental industry thrives on client interactions, unfortunately, the frequency of patient visits continues to drop. Here are a few critical strategies to consider for your dental practice to help...

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How I was forced to climb past my fear

How I was forced to climb past my fear  My first entry as a solo business owner.  I am very excited about training and coaching dentists and their teams to a different and better place with their practice.  As I write this, it takes me back in time………… I have owned a...

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You Should Re-Think the Effects of Poor Scheduling Time consolidation can bring in huge dividends to your practice. I was taught many years ago that 10 minutes lost per day equates to $30,000 in revenue per year.  I imagine that this figure should be different today,...

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Customer Service

Is Your Customer Service Driving Away Patients? My coaching instructor said two words that have stood out in my mind and have now become my mantra.  PRESERVE DIGNITY.  Two very powerful words if you can remember them when you might be challenged.  When someone feels...

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