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You’ve worked hard. Invested a lot of time and money in your dental practice.
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Dental Practice Management

Optimum Dental Consulting and Coaching provides dental practice management consulting and coaching to dental practices throughout the United States and Canada.  

I have a vast array of services with 40 years of experience in the field of dentistry and dental practice management. I will customize your service to what you need to improve team unity, work/life balance, and increase production. 

Optimum Dental Consulting and Coaching provides business consulting which includes services to:

  • Increase dental practice profits
  • Enhance the patient experience
  • Provide training on treatment planning and treatment presentation
  • Financial discussion
  • Choreograph your day (scheduling)
  • Empower your hygiene team

two dentists review improved dental practice improvements

How I Help


Your Consultant

It’s time to experience joy in your career. You know that dental school didn’t cover everything you need to know about running a profitable business. And who has the time to attend all of the hit-or-miss seminars offered? Besides, how will you know if you’re headed in the right direction? Relax. You have a solution that will be with you as long as you need. An expert. A friend. A professional at your side.



With dental coaching you can create fundamental shifts in your thinking which lead to personal development and increased self-confidence.  Coaching also gives you tools to communicate more effectively so you will experience more job and life satisfaction.



In the “Tips” section you’ll find articles and blog posts to offer you insights, tools, or just my ramblings. If you have comments about any posts, or suggestions for future articles, I would love to hear from you!

Meet Your Dental Expert

Hello, I’m Carol Dahlke, RDH, MDH

Dentistry is my thing. I love to teach and love that I can help you, the dedicated professional, to enjoy the benefits of healthier patients, a better work/life balance, and greater profits, while reducing stress, so you can find greater joy in your life.

Some people might be content to rest on their twenty-six years of clinical experience in dental hygiene, along with ten years of management experience, teaching at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, and the knowledge gained from having worked with 130 dental practices in the United States and in Canada.

I’m not. There’s too much more to learn.

Carol Dahlke Profile Image


“I have known Carol Dahlke for the last ten years. She has been my Dental Consultant during that time, and a very valuable advisor. She has a keen understanding of Dentistry and quality comprehensive care. She has tremendously helped my practice in all aspects. My hygiene department, for example, has transformed into something both me and the hygienists I work with are very proud of. We all feel it is “next level” patient care which in the end, is the most important benefit.  Carol understands inter-office dynamics, dental practice management, as well as patient communication. I am happy to highly recommend her and her new venture as owner of her own consulting firm Optimum Dental Consulting and Coaching. I am very happy to have Carol back in the business of assisting practices be the best they can be…for our patients as well as our practices.   Welcome back Coach!”   

General Dentist


“When I first met Carol I didn’t believe the targets that she was setting for me were attainable. I was very skeptical at first, but with her guidance I have reached and surpassed the goals she set for me. I am a firm believer now and she has helped me increase the true potential of my practice.”   



“Carol and I really connected. We defined systems in my practice, increase production, and gained better case acceptance which has led to more income. She has a gift for problem-solving and breaking down solutions into manageable pieces. Her guidance gave us ways to open up and improve our communication skills with our patients as well. It’s great having a responsive, excellent listener as my trusted advisor.” 



“I have worked with Carol many times over the years as a business consultant to my practice. I have found her approach to problem solving excellent. She takes the time to get to know your office and the individuals that work for you and truly understands your personal goals as well as the practice goals. Carol was able to help me take my practice to the next level while keeping the other aspects of my family life in balance. I highly recommend her for anyone that wants to be able to grow their practice in a way that allows you to keep a good balance with your work and family life.”  



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