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A customized approach for YOUR practice

You have your practice in place.

Imagine walking into your practice on Monday morning.

A return patient is in the waiting room. He says “hello, doc” as you enter.

Your business assistant is smiling, talking to a new patient on the phone.

Your team has gathered and is waiting for you to prepare together for the day.

You had a good night’s rest. Your body feels good because you have time and energy to treat yourself well.

All of those hard years in school are now rewarding you.

The huge student loan debt is almost gone and you have the latest equipment available.

It’s going to be another great day!

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Carol and I really connected. We defined systems in my practice, increase production, and gained better case acceptance which has led to more income. She has a gift for problem-solving and breaking down solutions into manageable pieces. Her guidance gave us ways to open up and improve our communication skills with our patients as well. It’s great having a responsive, excellent listener as my trusted advisor.”

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You’re ready to optimize your practice. That’s smart! But, how or where do you start?

How I Help

It’s time to experience joy in your career. You know that dental school didn’t cover everything you need to know about running a profitable business. And who has the time to attend all of the hit-or-miss seminars offered? Besides, how will you know if you’re headed in the right direction? Relax. You have a solution that will be with you as long as you need. An expert. A friend. A professional at your side.


With coaching you can create fundamental shifts in your thinking which lead to personal development and increased self-confidence.  Coaching also gives you tools to communicate more effectively so you will experience more job and life satisfaction.

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