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A customized approach for YOUR practice

You have your dental practice in place.

Now let’s optimize it so you can finally live the life you dreamed of!

Running a successful dental or periodontal practice is, to say the least, challenging.

Many practitioners are physically and emotionally stressed.  They have debts way beyond their earning, and no time to enjoy a personal life.

Poor communication, an unhappy team, low-paying insurance, health risks, unmotivated clients, and bad case acceptance will suck the joy out of any practice.

It’s not your fault. Most dental schools don’t prepare you for every aspect of your career.

Don’t give up! There is a solution.


patient received dental exam following dental consulting guidance.

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Love Your Practice

Dentistry can be a rewarding, fulfilling career.

There are many dental practitioners who absolutely love their careers.

They are living rewarding, joyful lives, that they control.

You can use my expertise, and experience, to create the life you deserve.

two dentists review improved dental practice improvements

“I have worked with Carol many times over the years as a business consultant to my practice. I have found her approach to problem-solving excellent. She takes the time to get to know your office and the individuals that work for you and truly understands your personal goals as well as the practice goals. Carol was able to help me take my practice to the next level while keeping the other aspects of my family life in balance. I highly recommend her for anyone that wants to be able to grow their practice in a way that allows you to keep a good balance with your work and family life.”

Periodontist, Wisconsin

Your Treatment Plan

 As a doctor, you know that the first course of action is the full evaluation. You take the time to thoroughly understand the patients’ condition and needs. And you can trust that you’ll get the same professional systematic process to begin our journey.

First, I’ll analyze your metrics so we can have a productive time together to discuss the available opportunities. Then, together we will determine our next steps.

consulting treatment plan dentist and consultant

A Systematic Approach

Because of the many ever-evolving challenges your team faces daily, it’s likely that your office is one of many that struggles without having well-defined systems in place.

Just take a look at some of the many areas of opportunities I can begin building up!

  • How to Provide Exceptional Patient Experience
  • Treatment Presentations
  • Treatment Co-Determination with the Dental Hygienist
  • Financial Agreements
  • Schedule Management
  • Understanding Your Practice Metrics Using Today’s Technology
  • Internal Marketing
  • Leadership – for Team Members and Doctors
  • Periodontal Training for Hygienists

“Your business systems and processes are perfectly designed for the results you are getting. To get better results, you must continuously improve your systems at the detail level.” – Ron Carroll”

How About Dental Hygienists?

Your dental hygienist is a key factor in adding value to your practice. I’ll build value on existing foundations to enhance the quality of your periodontal program and preventive dental visit.


  • Efficient exams with the dentist and hygienist, created by defined expectations
  • A periodontal program built on solid systems
  • Increased knowledge of intra-oral photos, and digital imaging (radiographs)
  • Confidence in using motivating language with patients
  • One-on-one sessions with the dental hygienist(s) to improve treatment planning and treatment presentation
  • You’ll have efficient Dental Hygienists providing a comprehensive periodontal exam to every patient. (The DH will collaborate with the dentist to determine the treatment needed to return the patient to periodontal health.)
two hygienists review consulting instructions

Your Specific Training Plan

General Dentist

  • Pt optimal dental health
  • Scheduling
  • Team member compensation
  • Leadership
  •  Treatment planning
  • Treatment presentation
  • Financial presentation
  • Hygiene Department Periodontal training


  • Referrals
  • Pt optimal dental health
  • Scheduling
  • Team member compensation
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Treatment planning
  • Treatment presentation
  • Financial presentation

“When I first met Carol I didn’t believe the targets that she was setting for me were attainable. I was very skeptical at first, but with her guidance I have reached and surpassed the goals she set for me. I am a firm believer now and she has helped me increase the true potential of my practice.”

Periodontist – Minnesota

Follow Up – Continuing Care

Together we will determine what follow up visits are needed. You can rest easy, knowing that you can count on me to be a part of your team as you grow.

    Dentist communicating on phone with consultant.

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