Digital Imaging Sensor Care

by | Jul 11, 2020 | Uncategorized

Your digital x-ray sensor is an expensive piece of equipment! Without a working sensor, the dental practitioner loses the ability to properly diagnose dental disease. Consider the following to extent the longevity of your sensor:

  1. Check with the manufacturer for instruction for use on disinfectant. Manufacturers have tested a particular product and/or products with their sensor. Using something other than the recommended disinfectant can affect the warranty.
  2. Use barriers to protect the sensor. Using barriers that are excessively tight can cause excessive manipulation of the sensor and cord and cause damage.
  3. Use a short USB extension cord (6-12 inches) is generally sufficient. Plugging a sensor directly in and out of the computer can wear on the cord. Plugging into the extension cord and plugging the extension cord in and out of the computer will wear on the less expensive extension cord instead of the expensive sensor cord.
  4. Consider plugging into a powered USB hub connected to the computer. The sensors work best with a certain amount of power (powered hub is best). The use of a hub will reduce wear on the cord being plugged into the computer multiple times a day, preventing replacement of expensive computer hardware.
  5. Wipe the sensor from the USB connector back toward the sensor as this prevents the cord from being pulled out of the sensor. Holding the cord and not the sensor during wipe down is helpful as well. Constant pulling on the cord away from the sensor will result in pulling the cord out of the sensor.
  6. Use the XCPs and holders that come with the sensor as they have been designed to best protect the sensor and cord! There are less expensive products available, but consider protecting your original equipment and investment.
  7. Provide initial and ongoing training to best demonstrate to your team how to care for, position, and use the sensor. For offices with frequent team changes, consider making training part of the initial on boarding process.


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