Build Patient Acceptance

by | Mar 9, 2020 | General Dental Tips

Put these four keys into your practice to build patient acceptance

The dental industry thrives on client interactions, unfortunately, the frequency of patient visits continues to drop. Here are a few critical strategies to consider for your dental practice to help attract, and retain, patients.

1. Embrace new technology

Innovative use of technology is essential for your business. Old and outdated equipment is a big turn off for existing and potential patients. The best dental equipment will ensure lowered service time, reduced production, and operation cost.

2. Explain treatment plans to patients

Patients will feel far more confident in your service if they can see what is happening and how you want to treat it. Use models, radiographs, intra oral and digital photos to explain your treatment plans to patients.

3. Search Engine Optimized Marketing

Marketing is one crucial tool for any business, and this is especially true for your dental practice. Word of mouth isn’t the only way to attract new patients to your dental practice, you should have a website to advertise your presence and track new patients coming through the door. Know

where your leads are coming from and try to grow that channel by using SEO and try to advertise at that source.

4. Social Media Relevance

Social Media relevance must be part of your online presence if you’re looking to optimize your dental practice. Virtually everyone uses Social Media and having a Twitter account, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or/and Google+ business page will greatly increase the overall awareness of your dental services, ultimately leading to better patient relationships and more leads.


There’s a lot of competition for your patients. By investing in new technology, taking time to explain treatments, and using SEO practices on your site, along with social media, you’ll build up relationships with your patients. They will become more invested in their care and your practice.

You’ve invested a lot of money into your education, and into your practice. And you can’t afford to stop growing, but you don’t have time to tackle everything yourself. That’s why consultants are highly valued. The right consultant, one with experience and training, will help you and your business to grow.