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During the COVID19 and post pandemic era, what makes your office stand out from the others? Have you entertained the thought of servicing and connecting with patients who are concerned about leaving the safety of their homes and coming to your office? Has there been consideration to efficiently moving forward and capturing new business and revenue?

In the plethora of recent online continuing education, there have been a limited few that may provide an answer to all of these questions; something that is relatively new to dentistry. Our medical counterparts have been utilizing this service for years. Teledentistry allows a doctor to actively or passively connect with current or potential new patients from any location regarding their dental complaints to receive proper diagnosing, medication, and if needed referrals. Your office can have a 24/7 presence without physically being in the clinic. With the use of D9995 and D9996 and exam code D0140, services can be billed to the patient and insurance without the patient’s physical presence. You can provide emergency service to existing and new patients after hours and on the weekend to determine patient needs. This could be a patient that needs emergency treatment or has a chief complaint that can be addressed with an appointment during normal business hours. Teledentistry may provide the service we need to connect with that patient after hours, those with symptoms that cannot be seen in the clinic, or for those nervous about seeking care and needing to feel safe at this time.

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